Sensitive Skin: Can Healthy Treats & Food Help My Dog ?

Sensitive Skin: Can Healthy Treats & Food Help My Dog ?

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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A happy, healthy dog is a bright spot in our lives. The light just radiates out of them, from their shiny eyes and noses to their gleaming coats. They’re happy and relaxed, and they’ve just got a glow about them. But a dog with itchy, dry, sensitive skin? They’re uncomfortable, and as their owners, it can be upsetting to see our beloved companions struggling.


Sensitive skin can show up in several ways:

●      Dandruff

●      Flaky, scaling skin

●      Red and inflamed skin

●      An increase in oiliness

●      Bald patches

●      Scabbing

●      A change in odor


While your first instinct may be to research every dog brush, dog shampoo, and topical cream on the market for dogs with sensitive skin, the truth is that many skin issues begin at a much deeper level: with nutrition.

The impact of diet on your dog’s skin


Dogs aren’t so different from humans—the health of their skin is a mirror of their nutrition.

Although veterinarians have known for decades that nutritional imbalances (including deficiencies, excesses, and allergies) are at the heart of many common skin problems in dogs, this information hasn’t become commonly known among pet owners. If it were, concerned owners of dogs with itchy and dry skin wouldn’t account for a quarter of all vet visits.


Another vital piece of information that isn’t well known is just how much of the commercial dog food on the market is filled with low-quality ingredients and fillers that can trigger skin issues. Most commercial pet food, even the high-end stuff, contains foods that are common allergens, with beef, chicken, eggs, dairy, corn, soy, and wheat being the main culprits. What’s worse is that these foods also contain all kinds of synthetic ingredients, preservatives, and pesticides, none of which are good for your dog or their skin.


This is why it’s so important to choose healthy natural dog treats and foods that are organic. By doing so, you can avoid all of these harmful and unhealthy elements. After all, your dog’s skin is an organ, just like their heart, lungs, and liver. And it's an organ with multiple functions: it provides a barrier from the outside world, regulates their temperature, and is an exquisitely sensitive medium through which they receive all kinds of neurosensory information.

What to feed a dog with sensitive skin


A good nutritional balance is required to achieve healthy skin and hair (this is true both for humans and for dogs!), so it’s important to feed your dog a diet that supports every aspect of skin and coat health, from hair quality and growth to skin health and renewal.


Some of the building blocks of good nutrition are:

●   Omega-3 fatty acids: They maintain a healthy skin barrier and reduce inflammation. Most dog diets don’t have enough of these essential fatty acids, and including them can help resolve many skin problems.

●   Biotin: This helps synthesize keratin, an essential protein that is part of the “fabric” of the skin and hair.

●   Vitamins A, E, and the B complex: Too little of these vitamins (A in particular) can lead to scaling and too much can cause skin lesions.

●   Minerals such as zinc and copper: Insufficient zinc is associated with poor skin and coat quality; insufficient copper can cause the coat to lose its color and vibrancy.


While it’s important to know how individual nutrients contribute to healthy skin and a shiny coat (and to help you navigate pet food labels in an informed way), it’s just as important to incorporate these nutrients into your dog’s diet in a balanced and moderate way.

Where to find dog treats for sensitive skin


Our entire vision and mission at LOONAWELL is to create healthy natural dog treats that are organic, nourishing, and, of course, delicious. But there’s one product in particular that we developed specifically as a dog treat for sensitive skin. That’s our Healthy Glow baked dog treats.

Healthy Glow treats contain a blend of ingredients that are thoughtfully selected to provide a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals that work together to do wonders for dogs with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for dog treats for a healthy coat, we recommend keeping a sachet or two of Healthy Glow in your pantry (and by the leash, for taking on walks and to use in outdoor training sessions) to give your dogs an adequate and balanced amount of skin-improving nutrition—and a tasty treat they’ll love!


Find out more about Healthy Glow baked dog treats for sensitive skin


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