Redefining Pet Nutrition with Swiss-Made Healthy Dog Food

At LOONAWELL, we are proud to be the home of Swiss-crafted, wholesome dog food, born from a synergy of deep-rooted passion for pet wellness and scientific expertise. Launched in February 2020 by Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares, a Biomedical Sciences and Food Ingredient Development specialist, our Zurich-based startup provides pet owners with a scientifically grounded, reliable nutrition source for their canine companions.

LOONAWELL was born from Maria’s personal disappointment and frustration in finding nutritious and life-enhancing dog food and treats for her Westie, Luna. Her professional background allowed her to distinguish products that offered more style than substance. Determined to bridge this gap, Maria leveraged her expertise and determination to lay the groundwork for LOONAWELL. Inspired by Luna, Maria created what she couldn't find - a line of dog food and treats as genuine in quality as they are in their health benefits.


Maria de Bettencourt Tavares, CEO of LOONAWELL with the first range of organic dog treats she launched

The Spark That Ignited Our Mission

Maria recalls how one particular incident accelerated her entrepreneurial journey: “I was once at an international Pet nutrition conference, and a prestigious veterinary closed the conference with the sentence – our pets, are the mammals on earth with the highest incidence of cancer and, in my profession, we all know that the number one reason is poor nutrition – when I heard this statement so blunt and clear, I couldn’t stop but wondering: is the food I’m giving Luna, contributing to her death sentence? … After having read and studied hundreds of dog food & treat ingredient labels I was still not sure of the answer, so I started LOONAWELL.

The LOONAWELL Promise: Wellness in Every Bite

LOONAWELL’s commitment to dog health is steady. We embarked on an exhaustive scientific review to discern the helpful from the harmful. Ingredients that offer nutritional value and those that don’t. The result? A line of premium, organic dog treats, each brimming with natural vitamins, amino acids, and minerals beneficial to dog health. No fillers, no artificial additives — just pure, organic, bio-origin ingredients for your dog's vitality. A product dog owners can trust blindly.


A Taste of Our Commitment

Maria's personal guarantee is backed up by the Swiss Vitamin Institute - an organization dedicated to highlighting the most health-conscious brands. By becoming the world’s first dog food company to get the SVI seal of approval, we are showing our dedication to taking dog’s health as seriously as our own and setting ourselves apart from our competitors.

By personally sampling every single batch, Maria is ensuring that each treat meets the highest standards for quality - and is human-grade quality. 

"Sampling every batch is not just about quality assurance, it's about peace of mind. It is a pledge to create nutritious and healthy dog treats that go beyond mere products for my dogs and dogs everywhere."

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares

LOONAWELL: Your Partner in Dog Health

We hope you’ll join us on our mission of health and wellness. LOONAWELL is more than healthy organic dog food. We believe that the path to a healthy and happy life starts with exceptional nutrition. That is why LOONAWELL is a holistic lifestyle of uncompromising nutrition and scientifically proven advice for healthier dogs and happy lives.