The ultimate destination for healthy dog nutrition

LOONAWELL handcrafts its premium products in Zurich, Switzerland, using only the highest quality, organic, human-grade ingredients. With a rigorous scientific approach we pioneer an unparalleled high standard in the pet industry, for dogs worldwide to live healthier, happy lives.

A happy, healthy dog with a shining coat leaping through the air with his owner behind him
Our Values

Unparalleled quality and trust

Driven by our passion for dogs, we strive to exceed expectations in every bowl, fostering health, happiness, and lifelong bonds.

A close up of fresh juicy organic blueberries of the highest quality sourced by Loonawell

Superior quality

LOONAWELL prioritizes exceptional quality ingredients sourced through meticulous selection processes, ensuring the highest standards of nutrition and safety for dogs.

A close-up photo of water on a leaf, symbolising transparency


With the most complete and transparent labeling, LOONAWELL ensures dog owners have full visibility and understanding of the ingredients and nutritional value of their products, fostering trust and confidence.

A close-up of a scientist putting on gloves before starting their work

Scientific rigor

LOONAWELL is solely dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of dogs through scientifically backed nutrition, providing solutions to common health issues, and enhancing overall canine wellness.

Giving back to nature

Our pledge to the environment

At LOONAWELL, we understand that there is an inherent environmental impact when manufacturing a new product. In our case, the cardboard boxes we use both in our packaging and for e-commerce shipping, and one of the materials we use the most, directly impacts trees. Trees, nature's silent heroes, play a pivotal role in mitigating the environmental toll of manufacturing.

If we are conscious of what we’re taking away, we can also take conscious measurements to replenish and give back. In partnership with One Tree Planted, we commit to plant a tree for every order received. The idea is to give back more than what we take and investing in trees is a first step in counteracting the environmental impact of our processes.

An owner and his dog taking a calm walk through a beautiful forest
Our Vision

LOONAWELL leads pet nutrition innovation, setting unrivalled standards with organic excellence, rigorous science, and blockchain for full traceability. Transforming dog feeding globally, we aspire to set a new gold standard.

Swiss-crafted to the highest standards.

Traditional cooking methods that preserve ingredient integrity

LOONAWELL prioritizes organic, human-grade ingredients, sourced meticulously, prepared in-house, and rigorously tested for safety and nutritional value.


Fresh organic ingredients

We choose our partners and raw materials with great care. Our ingredients are organic to ensure they have a high nutritional content and are free from synthetic pesticides. Most of our ingredients are of organic Swiss origin, and those ingredients that are not available in Switzerland, we carefully source from certified Bio suppliers worldwide, handpicked for their quality and nutritional value. All our ingredients also meet human-grade quality standards.

A framer reaching to pick up a box of organic carrots
A farmer collecting blueberries in a basket

Made under one roof

From the moment the raw ingredients arrive at our facilities, until the final products are shipped to our customers, everything happens under the same roof in Zurich. Every step is carefully monitored to ensure maximum quality, traceability, and product integrity. Our recipes undergo meticulous preparation, combining high-tech machinery with artisanal methods to guarantee consistency and excellence in every batch.

A smiling Loonawell worker standing in the Loonawell kitchen
A Loonawell food scientist opening the organic Super Foodies dog treats
A infographic explaining the scattered production line of other pet food brands
An infographic detailing the streamlined production line of LOONAWELL, all under one roof for maximum quality and traceability

Giving power back to the consumer

At LOONAWELL, we prioritize transparency in every aspect of our process, including packaging and labeling. Once recipes are completed, they undergo stringent quality checks before being swiftly packaged on-site. Our packaging is designed to maintain freshness and preserve the integrity of our products.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing consumers with comprehensive product labels. Unlike many products in the pet category, our labels are highly descriptive, offering all the nutritional information needed in an easily accessible format. We believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their pets' nutrition.

With LOONAWELL, you can trust that every aspect of our products, from ingredient selection to labeling, is geared towards the well-being of your furry companions.

A happy dog about to take treats gently from a kid's hand being guided by their parents
A cute dog sniffing LOONAWELL's Healthy Glow organic dog treats

Our team

Each of us brings something unique to the table - skills, experiences, and perspectives, that foster innovation and an endless amount of resilience. It's this mix that sparks creativity, helps us bounce back when things get tough, and makes every success feel shared.

Core Team

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
CEO and Founder

Expert in Biomedical Sciences and Business Strategy. LOONAWELL is her vision brought to reality.

Dr. Cristina Lupo
Food Development Lead

With a formidable scientific background, Cristina works in a matrix with our Veterinarian Nutritionist and Culinary Chef to bring our innovative products to life.

Lucie Goguelin
Manufacturing Lead

With expertise from the Pharmaceutical industry, Lucie brings rigor and excellence to our manufacturing processes, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Denisse Coquet
Digital Marketing Manager

Started as a brand ambassador (!) and today drives our brand's digital presence in collaboration with our social media manager.

Steve Zosso
Commercial Lead

Steve brings a wealth of experience in the premium sector and embodies the essence of our brand in interactions with our esteemed retail partners.

Valued Partners

Dr. Neus Torrent
Veterinarian and Animal Nutritionist

Neus brings a unique mix of entrepreneurial, veterinarian and animal nutritionist expertise.

Isabella De Rosa
Social Media Manager

The creative mind behind our social media publications. Together with our Digital Marketing Manager they create the content that delights our customers.

Rose Gregory
Founder of STUDIO-Y

Rose is the brilliant creative mind behind our website and she is helping us express our voice and that of our brand.

Simon Baker
Packaging Strategist and Designer

Simon is the strategist and critical eye behind most of our packaging.

Joao Ferrao
Chef and Culinary Advisor

Chef and Culinary Advisor. Chef Joao ensures that our products are delicious for humans as much as they are for dogs!

Alfonso Panduro
Senior Designer

Alfonso has been with LOONAWELL since the early days and a key player on the creative side of the brand.

Our Founder. Where science meets purpose

From cancer research to dog nutrition

In February 2019, while attending a Pet Food conference in London, a prestigious veterinarian's words struck me to the core: "Pets, among mammals, have the highest incidence of cancer, largely due to poor nutrition." As a devoted dog mom to Luna, my beloved Westie, I couldn't shake the thought: Am I unknowingly feeding her a death sentence?

After months of research, I uncovered a disheartening reality: most dog foods were indeed filled with poor-quality ingredients and misleading labels, posing serious health risks to my dog and all our furry companions. Determined to rewrite this narrative, I drew from my professional background to do something about it. With a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Lisbon Medical School - developed at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School - I gained a substantial scientific background. After an MBA and several years of corporate experience in the fields of innovation and business strategy, with leading players within the field of human and animal nutrition, I felt equipped with the skills I needed to create LOONAWELL.

In 2020, at the age of 43, I created LOONAWELL—a Swiss premium manufacturer and dog food brand fuelled by a simple yet profound ethos: every ingredient must enhance dog nutrition. This decision, though seemingly straightforward, posed an unprecedented technical and business challenge that I was determined to solve. Today this is what clearly sets us apart from the competition.

LOONAWELL seamlessly merges scientific rigor with culinary artistry to craft dog food and treats that are not only organic, healthy, and human-grade but irresistibly delicious. So much so, that you'll be tempted to try it too!

With LOONAWELL, I amplify the voice of our silent canine companions and aspire to become the most trusted pet food brand globally. Let's join paws in consciously nourishing our furry friends and paving the way to healthier, happier lives.

Our ambassador

LOONA is the heart and soul of our premium dog food brand.

With her infectious happiness and boundless energy, LOONA embodies the spirit of every dog. She is a constant reminder of the love we have for our pets and the commitment we hold to provide them with the highest quality nutrition.

Our Company

Board of Directors

In the world of startups, success hinges on solid foundations. At the core every successful venture is a strategic board, where every key decision is backed by expertise and vision.

Stewart Harris
Chairman of the Board

Head of Group Finance Functions & Business Development at Givaudan

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
Board Member


Caspar Coninx
Board Member

Head of Employee Data, Analytics and Experience at MIGROS Group

Sebastian Romero Melchor
Board Member

Partner at Food Compliance Int.