Ingredients: Organic buckwheat flour, organic apples, organic carrots, organic olive oil, organic lemon, organic apple cider vinegar, organic ginger, nutritional yeast, organic oregano, additives: antioxidant (tocopherol rich extract of natural origin).

Vitamins: Vit. B1: 1mg, Vit. B2: 0.4mg, Vit. B3: 2.3mg, Vit. B5: 1,1mg, Vit. B6: 0.14mg, Vit. B8: 21.8mcg, Vit. B9: 1.1mg, Vit. E: 40mg, Vit. K1: 8.7mcg, Choline: 709mg

Minerals: Iron: 2.3mg, Calcium: 31mg, Phosphorus: 340mg, Sodium: 7.9mg, Manganese: 1mg, Copper: 0.37mg, Zinc: 1.7mg, Potassium: 570mg, Magnesium: 170mg

Amino Acids: Alanine: 536mg, Aspartic Acid: 118mg, Arginine: 1000mg, Cysteine+Cystine: 254mg, Glutamic Acid: 2000mg, Glycine: 692mg, Histidine: 283mg, Isoleucine: 433mg, Leucine: 776mg, Lysine: 540mg, Methionine: 209mg, Phenylalanine: 534mg, Proline: 409mg, Serine: 588mg, Threonine: 472mg, Tyrosine: 327mg, Tryptophan: 186mg, Valine: 612mg

Energy/100g: 1556kJ (372kcal)
Protein: 12%
Fiber: 2%
Fat: 12%
Moisture: 6%
Ash: 2%

There are 60 treats in total. Each individual box includes 10 easy-to-carry sachets (resealable) that preserve the freshness of the treats. Each sachet contains 6 treats. Our treats are freshly baked every week and will last 1 year unopened.

Ideal for a healthy lifestyle as well as for training and any on-the-go activity.

Recommended for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

Our Expertise:
At LOONAWELL we combine all our knowledge and expertise in Biomedical Sciences & Food Nutrition, and put it all at the service of our dogs. Using only premium (organic, 100% natural), fresh and human-grade quality ingredients, we create recipes that are not only healthy but also super tasty... so tasty you can even eat them yourself (but please leave some for your pup!).


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