Carrots Are Amazing For Your Dog's Health. Learn Why!

Carrots Are Amazing For Your Dog's Health. Learn Why!

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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Carrots are a healthy natural dog treat that are low in calories and high in nutrients.

Science confirms what dog owners have known for a long time: dogs love carrots. Whether it's crunching them up raw or enjoying them gently cooked, dogs go crazy for this low-fat treat.

Beyond being tasty and low-calorie, carrots are also nutritional powerhouses. As one of the top ten vegetable crops in the world, carrots are a superstar root vegetable. Many of the incredible health benefits they offer to humans apply just as much to dogs, so you'll definitely want to introduce this amazing vegetable to your dog's diet if you haven't already.


What makes carrots such a wonderful addition to your dog's diet?


Let's start by looking at the many ways that carrots support and enhance your dog's overall health:

● Carrots are loaded with beneficial phytochemicals.

● These bioactive compounds reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease and have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

● Carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals.

● Carrots are a fantastic source of beta carotene (which is turned into Vitamin A by the body) and also contain potassium, Vitamins K1 and B6. These nutrients provide energy, promote healthy bones and teeth, and support the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

● Carrots are high in fiber. Dog owners know very well that a regular dog is a happy dog. Carrots add beneficial bulk that keeps things moving well and makes for "successful" trips to the dog park.

Why LOONAWELL treats have more carrots than the competition

Most commercially produced pet foods include carrots in tiny amounts (just 0.3 to 3%), if at all. This is because high-quality ingredients like organic, whole foods are expensive. At LOONAWELL, we prioritize nutrition and quality over cost when making our healthy natural dog treats, which is why the carrot content of our Multi Vitamin Baked Dog Treats is well over 10%. 

In creating these tasty and healthy natural treats for dogs, we combined several of the highest quality and most nutritionally dense ingredients we could find: buckwheat, apples, carrots, olive oil, lemon, and ginger. Like our entire line of LOONAWELL treats, they contain the ten essential amino acids and other essential minerals that support your dog's health. We bake these treats fresh every week. They last for two months unopened, so when you give your dog LOONAWELL organic dog treats, you're giving them the freshest, tastiest, healthiest treat possible (and they smell pretty awesome, too!). 

Ways to serve carrots that your dog will love

Carrots are a healthy vegetable for dogs to eat in several forms. They can be served raw for a fresh and crunchy treat. Be sure to clean, peel, and cut up fresh carrots into bite-sized bits to remove any dirt and to prevent choking. 

Gently cooked or steamed carrots are also a great healthy treat for dogs. Remember to always let them cool down before giving them to your dog.

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At its core LOONAWELL demands that every ingredient used in its products has a positive nutritional value, or it's not included (in other words, no preservatives, colors, flavors, or fillers with no nutritional value). LOONAWELL treats are  freshly-baked and "chef approved", not only are the treats organic and nutritious, but they are also a premium gourmet experience for our dogs. LOONAWELL treats are packed in small portions for the ultimate in freshness and portability.

They're made with love in Switzerland and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We believe that dogs deserve the best—treat yours to a nutritious and delicious superfood snack!



Multi Vitamin Organic Baked Dog Treats

Multi Vitamin Organic Baked Dog Treats

CHF. 16.00

These easily digestible dog treats are perfect for dogs that want to live an active and healthy life. With apples, carrots, ginger, olive oil and nutritional yeast, that all together contribute with folic acid, choline and B-complex vitamins, contributing for a… Read More

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