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Healthy Glow Organic Baked Dog Treats

Healthy Glow Organic Baked Dog Treats

CHF. 16.00
10 sachets x 4 g

Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. These organic treats are handcrafted and traditionally baked with a set of key nutrients, essential for an optimal skin metabolism and anti-oxidant protection.

  • Organic and human-grade
  • With quinoa, spinach and coconut oil (see more about ingredients below)
  • Rich in biotin, zinc, iron, manganese and vitamin E, for an optimal skin metabolism
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Discover feeding guidelines here recommended by our experts in biomedical sciences, food science and veterinarian nutrition.

LOONAWELL products are recommended for puppies from 12 weeks onwards, adult and senior dogs.

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High quality raw materials

Our unique organic ingredients

Every ingredient has been carefully selected to provide the best nutritional properties to your dog. Learn more about the benefits and provenance of the different ingredients.

Organic Buckwheat Flour


Buckwheat flour is a gluten free source of fiber, nutrients as well a rich source of vitamin A, B-complex, Vitamin C and E.

Organic Quinoa


Quinoa is remarkable for its nutritional properties: it is gluten-free and rich in protein, B-vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

Learn more

Organic Spinach


Spinach is a superfood. It contains over 100 compounds that help prevent disease and maintain health. Has an abundance of phytochemicals, plus vitamins C and E, which slow aging and fight disease. Our organic spinach is of Biosuisse quality.

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Organic Coconut Oil

The Philippines

Coconut is a super food. It has anti-inflammatory properties, supports a healthy immune system and promotes a healthy gut and healthy skin.

Learn more

Organic Lemon


Lemon juice is a potent source of vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in supporting your dog's immune system and overall health.The acidity in lemon juice may help stimulate digestion and prevent constipation in dogs.

Learn more

Organic Coriander

India, Germany, Egypt + Austria

Coriander is a digestive aid. It can help soothe digestive discomfort and reduce gas, making mealtime a more comfortable experience for your dog. The antioxidants in coriander support a healthy immune system, and together with Vitamin K contribute to healthy skin and fur.

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Tocopherols of Natural Origin

France + Argentina

Tocopherols of natural origin, also known as vitamin E, serves as a potent antioxidant in dog food. It helps to protect the fats and oils in the food from oxidation, preserving their nutritional value and preventing rancidity.

Skin + Coat Health

Glow from within

Crafted with ingredients that help nourish the skin, reduce inflammation, and enhance coat shine, resulting in a healthier and more radiant appearance for your dog's skin and fur.

Freshness in every bite

Your dog's treats kept fresh, naturally

Say goodbye to synthetic preservatives and hello to freshness with LOONAWELL's organic dog treats packed in convenient individual sachets. This innovative packaging solution not only preserves the quality of the treats but also enhances convenience for pet parents on the go.

Feeding Guidelines

How much should I feed my dog per day?

Discover daily feeding recommendations crafted by our experts in biomedical sciences, food science and veterinarian nutrition, to support your dog's health and well-being.