4 Key benefits of coconut for my dog

4 Key benefits of coconut for my dog

Dr. med. vet. Neus Torrent Dr. med. vet. Neus Torrent
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The benefits of coconut for dogs are several and we will discuss them in detail below, but knowing what type of coconut format (oil, flour, fresh meal) to buy and if they're all good for our dogs…this is where things can become confusing. So we’ve decided to make it all clear 😊.


Did you know ?

The crop of coconut palms accounts for over 60 million tonnes per year worldwide. 

Coconut palms grow best in hot and humid climates and sandy soils and the main producers are Indonesia, India and the Philippines that in total account for over 75% of global production. 

Coconut has been named a Super Food (more on this below) and its market is expected to grow 270% (!) for the next decade.


Coconut is a Super Food with 4 key benefits for our dogs (and for us, dog owners as well 😊)

Coconut is a nutrient-rich food (therefore considered a Super Food), containing a healthy type of fat, digestible protein, and filling fiber that are beneficial for our health and well-being. And the good news is that this also applies for the health of our dogs! 

There are 4 main benefits that can be attributed to coconut:

1. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Prevents harmful pro-inflammatory processes slowing the progression of different diseases, such as in the case of arthritis. 

2. Supports a healthy immune system. Due to its high content of antioxidants, coconut promotes the body’s healthy response to foreign unwanted microbes. It’s a great snack for a doggy feeling under the weather. 

3. Promotes a healthy gut. Balances the intestinal microbiota because it inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, while favoring the development of beneficial bacteria.

4. Promotes a healthy skin. Coconut oil that can be used both as a treat as well as externally. When applied, topically, to the skin, it can act as a moisturizer and its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce discomfort of an itchy or dry skin as well as reduce inflammation around skin infections and allergies. 

But not all parts of the coconut contribute equally to your dog’s health. Let us give you a paw 😉:


As with any food, look for organic sources of coconut and avoid preparations other than the coconut itself, such as coconut jam, or coconut yogurt or coconut cookies that might contain sugar and other unwanted artificial ingredients. 

As always and when introducing new ingredients to your doggy for the first time, monitor their reactions to ensure they enjoy it and tolerate it well. 

Please remember that Coconut oil, as any other fats even if of good quality, should not be given to dogs with pancreatitis.


No time to look for the right coconut? No worries, we've got you covered:

Our Super Foodies organic dog treats contain coconut as well as blueberries, banana, lemon and coconut flour, all super foods, high in valuable nutrients that contribute to your dog’s healthy immune system. 

Our Healthy Glow organic dog treats are for those doggies with sensitive skin 😊. They contain, not only coconut but also quinoa and spinach, that contribute to a healthy and shiny skin and coat.


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