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Salmon Delight Bio Baked Dog Treats

CHF. 16.20

With omega-3 fatty acids, from the organic salmon, which support the immune system, and together with the curcumin may decrease inflammation, and can keep your dog's coat looking shiny and healthy. Salmon is a healthy source of protein while the added mango, lemon and capers bring a variety of vitamins. With premium, fresh and human-grade quality ingredients for an exquisite taste.

Ingredients: bio-quinoa, bio-buckwheat flour, bio-salmon, bio-mango, bio-lemon, bio-capers, bio-ginger, nutritional yeast, bio-coriander seeds, bio-curcumin, bio-olive oil, additives: antioxidant (tocopherol rich extract of natural origin). 

And there are also benefits to the owner: every box contains 10 individual sachets, with 6 cookies each, that preserve the freshness of the treats and are easy to carry, on a pocket while going for walk, during travelling or for training for example. 

LOONAWELL treats are freshly baked every week and last 2 months unopened. With LOONAWELL you’re treating your dog a healthy, nutritious and very tasty moment.

Salmon Delight Bio Baked Dog Treats

CHF. 16.20

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many cookies can my dog eat ?

    A single box has 10 sachets and each sachet contains 6 cookies. The amount of cookies you can give to your dog, depends on her or his weight:

    Daily recommended quantity (max.)

    For dogs under 5Kg: a maximum of 2 sachets/day

    For dogs between 5-9 Kg: a maximum of 3 sachets/day

    For dogs between 10-13 Kg: a maximum of 4 sachets/ day and

    For dogs with 14 and more Kg: a maximum of 5 sachets/day.

  • Can i combine different types of cookies throughout the day ?

    The answer is yes. You can for example give a Multivitamin treat in the morning, a Happy Tummy in the afternoon and a Superfoodies in the evening, or the Healthy Glow. There is no particular sequence advisable. You choose what you believe is best for your dog.

  • Are these products available anywhere in the world ?

    Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world. Nevertheless and for customers that reside outside of Switzerland, please read this before you place your order.

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