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Organic, Premium

Dog Treats


Made in Switzerland

LOONAWELL organic, all natural dog treats are made in Switzerland and shipped worldwide.
LOONAWELL organic, all natural dog treats are made in Switzerland and shipped worldwide.

LOONAWELL receives Swiss Vitamin Institute label.

Meet the Swiss Made revolution of the Pet Food category! LOONAWELL is the first and only Pet Food brand in the world to receive the Swiss Vitamin Institute label.

LOONAWELL is certified organic, 100% natural and freshly baked!

LOONAWELL's recipes use only organic, natural ingredients. Co-developed with a culinary Chef. The result is a healthy, tasty and crunchy experience. Freshly baked fresh every week with no preservatives added. Excellent aroma and taste ... so good, that you might feel tempted to try it too!

LOONAWELL is human-grade quality.

Do you ever smell your dog’s treats and feel you want to eat them too? LOONAWELL's treats are made with hand-picked organic and human-grade quality ingredients, tailored to your dog's nutritional needs. So healthy, tasty and fragrant that you will want to try them too!

Your dog's nutritional needs, in your pocket.

LOONAWELL natural, organic treats contain all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your dogs needs from a healthy treat. Biscuits come in individual sachets to preserve the freshness and for convenience of use. Ideal for on-the-go, training, walking or simply for at-home.

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Coco has a very delicate stomach so finding the right treat for her has been really important. LOONAWELL cookies tick all the boxes of being nutritional, healthy and clean ingredients. And the sound of the crunch is a joy! When I see Coco's wagging tail and hear the lovely crunchy sound, I know she's really enjoying her new Loonawell cookies.

Karen Dowse, UK

Great product ! My Westie puppies love it so much I cannot use it to train them to come to me ... they are already there when I open the package!

Eduard Poels, Spain

With Fynn, Loonawell has gained a huge fan! He's completely crazy about the cookies and I feel good about doing something good for my dog and not giving him anything made of waste or chemical substances. That's why I've tried them myself right away. Conclusion: dog and mom are completely satisfied!"

Nina Spitzer, Switzerland

Luna, my Westie, loves her new LOONAWELL cookies! For me the most important thing is the peace of mind, knowing that I am contributing to her health and wellbeing. I also loved the different varieties

Alfonso Panduro, Spain

Like all dog-owners, it didn't take long for Baxter to become part of our family. And like all parents you worry about your puppy's health and wellbeing all the time. We were so pleased and reassured to find Loonawell treats, we wanted the best ingredients, highest nutritional value and clarity around all of the claims. From the very first time we opened the packet and gave a cookie to Baxter we could tell he agreed! The audible crunch as he ate the first of many made us laugh !

Steve Charlton, UK