The highest standard in dog nutrition

LOONAWELL delivers organic and human-grade premium quality dog food. From farm to table, made in Switzerland and shipped worldwide, providing global exceptional nutritional value for healthy dog living.

Why we're different

Swiss excellence in premium dog nutrition

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Finally a label you can read

Straight from the farm into our products. The same organic premium ingredients you would choose for yourself.

Highest Nutritional Value & Taste

With premium, hand-picked organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality of protein, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals your dog needs. Developed with a culinary chef for a gourmet experience.

Scientific Excellence

Every ingredient we choose has a positive impact on dogs' health. No artificial flavors, colorants, or other cheap and unnecessary ingredients that can harm your dog.


All made in Zurich under our roof and with the highest quality standards. No compromise.

The LOONAWELL Collection

All you need for a healthy dog living. Made in Switzerland, shipped worldwide.

Certifications you can trust

Trusted and certified excellence

LOONAWELL products carry certifications that validate premium quality, ensuring top-tier nutrition and ethical sourcing. They reinforce our rigorous commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in every bite.

Loonawell's organic certification

Certified Organic

Organic ingredients are often associated with fewer potential allergens and reduced risk of adverse reactions, making them a healthier choice for pets.

Read about our Organic Certification
Loonawell - Certified Swiss Vitamin Institute

Swiss Vitamin Institute

LOONAWELL is the only pet food brand in the world to have received this prestigious label, guaranteeing independently tested vitamins and rigorous quality standards.

Read about the Swiss Vitamin Institute Label
LOONAWELL - Swiss Made

Swiss-Made & Made in Zurich

We are proud to source our ingredients locally and adhere to rigorous Swiss standards in production.

Read more about the Made in Zurich Initiative
Loonawell - Certified Human Grade Quality

Human-Grade Quality

We use only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring pet food that's as good as what we eat ourselves... or better!

Read more about Human-Grade Quality
Loonawell - Certified Vet Approved


Scientific excellence at the service of dog nutrition. We understand dogs' unique dietary needs and transform them into healthy, delicious meals and treats.

Read what vets say about LOONAWELL

Exceptional quality ingredients

We handpick organic ingredients so your dog eats nutritionally rich and fresh food. Over 50% of our ingredients are of organic Swiss origin, and the rest are carefully sourced from certified organic suppliers worldwide.

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Transparent labels

We deliver comprehensive, transparent labels, empowering customers to make informed choices. LOONAWELL is setting a new standard in pet food transparency and integrity. Nothing is omitted, on the contrary, we stand strong by the nutritional content of every product.

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Swiss craftsmanship and end-to-end traceability

We reject the industry norm of scattered manufacturing. At LOONAWELL, everything happens under one roof in Zurich where each step is carefully monitored to ensure maximum quality, traceability, and product integrity.

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LOONAWELL Super Foodies organic dog treats. With antioxidants for a healthy dog immune system. Made in Switzerland, shipped worldwide.
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LOONAWELL's Organic Beef and Bacon Paté. Swiss-made and human-grade.
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Raising the standard of dog food

Unleash your dog's vitality with organic, human-grade nutrition

Experience the unmatched collaboration of Biomedical Science Specialists, Veterinary Nutritionists, and Culinary Chefs, transforming dog nutrition like never before.

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Our Inspiring Suppliers

Sourcing higher standards

LOONAWELL prioritizes direct sourcing of organic ingredients and values close relationships with farmers and other partners, ensuring maximum quality and trustworthiness in every bite for your pup's health and happiness.

Loonawell's herb supplier, Swiss Organic Herb farmers picking herbs in a field

Swiss Organic Herbs

LOONAWELL chooses Toggenburger Kraeuterfrauen to supply hand-picked, healthy herbs for intense flavor and superior quality.
A Citrus Culinary Synergy farmer with a basket of lemons

Citrus Culinary Synergy

LOONAWELL and Niels Rodin: Elevating gastronomic experiences through shared values and innovative partnerships.
The peaceful landscape at Loonawell's beef supplier, Swiss Organic Beef

Swiss Organic Beef

LOONAWELL prioritizes quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing in meaningful supplier partnership with Ueli Hof.
Famers laughing with their turkeys, from Free-Range Organic Turkey, Loonawell's organic turkey supplier

Free-range Organic Turkey

LOONAWELL selects Wendelinhof Turkey for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and animal welfare standards.
Deer grazing in a field in Gruyere, where Loonawell sources its organic deer

Organic Deer from Gruyère

Domaine des Comballes: One of the few Organic Deer Farms in Switzerland supplies LOONAWELL.