LOONAWELL Recommended By The Vet And Featured In Gentlemag

LOONAWELL Recommended By The Vet And Featured In Gentlemag

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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In this month's Gentlemag article, having LOONAWELL recommended by vet Dr.med. Karin Furrer was a highlight for our company. In this magazine feature, Dr. Furrer spoke about what healthy nutrition for dogs and cats entails and gives recommendations about the general care of our pets. She speaks about how finding healthy treat alternatives is important not only for our pup’s general health, but also to keep them in good shape and for weight control. 


In the article, Dr. Karin Furrer says “In my experience, pet owners are often overwhelmed with the variety of products in stores. (…) There are also questions like: Organic or not? Can dogs and cats be vegetarian or vegan? Should I try a barf diet and how does that even work?” 


It’s a great indication to see that pet owners are taking a real interest in their pet’s nutrition and starting to ask questions, because we know that if we, as pet owners, don’t ask those questions, then no one will. It’s our responsibility to ask for them. 


We are pleased to share Dr. Furrer’s recommendation in the article: 

“As a healthy alternative, Dr. Furrer recommends Loonawell’s «Dog treats» without reservation. Not only because these are sustainably and locally produced, without preservatives, but also because they have a wide variety of minerals, amino acids and vitamins and are certified organic. At the core of LOONAWELL is the fact that every ingredient used has a positive nutritional impact on your dog’s health and that alone sets them apart. Dr. Furrer is convinced of the well thought-out products and gives samples of the various Loonawell products to interested customers in her practice. So far, she has always received positive feedback.”


Validation from animal healthcare professionals is incredibly important to us at LOONAWELL. It supports the science behind all the processes, the selection of ingredients and the reason for each specific one. It is once again another confirmation that LOONAWELL’s main objective is to have healthier dogs. This is why we are so happy to share this feature in Gentlemag and Dr. Furrer’s professional opinion with you. Having LOONAWELL recommended by a vet is incredibly significant to us.


You can have a look at the complete article in the following link: 


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