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LOONAWELL becomes the first Pet Food brand in the world to receive the Swiss Vitamin Institute label

LOONAWELL becomes the first Pet Food brand in the world to receive the Swiss Vitamin Institute label

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
5 minute read

LOONAWELL becomes the first Pet Food brand to be certified with the globally recognized Swiss Vitamin Institute (SVI) label, giving customers the guarantee that the presence of vitamins in the LOONAWELL's products is independently tested by SVI.


A novel and unique partnership for the Pet Food Industry.


LOONAWELL and the Swiss Vitamin Institute (SVI) announced today that LOONAWELL has become the first Pet Food brand in the world to receive the Swiss Vitamin Institute's distinguished seal of approval on its range of products.


This is the second label that LOONAWELL adds to its range of products. LOONAWELL first received the EU-Bio certification in the last quarter of 2020, guaranteeing that LOONAWELL’s products are organic, support climate and environmental protection, the conservation of soil fertility, preservation of biodiversity and the absence of GMOs (click here for more information on Organic agriculture Europe label).


The vitamins contained in LOONAWELL’s products are derived from the high-quality organic ingredients used, and not added from a chemical or synthetic source. As vitamin levels can vary relative to the ingredient source and the product manufacturing, SVI label gives the consumer the confidence that vitamins are present in the final product and thus  are retained throughout the manufacturing process.


Both labels support LOONAWELL’s purpose and mission to be the most transparent and trusted pet food brand, with the goal of achieving new quality standards in this category and continuing to raise consumer awareness about the importance of quality nutrition for the healthy development of dogs.

Loonawell New Packaging

At its core LOONAWELL demands that every ingredient used in its products has a positive nutritional value, or it's not included (in other words, no preservatives, colors, flavors, or fillers with no nutritional value). In addition, LOONAWELL adds the freshly-baked and "chef approved" concepts. Not only are the treats organic and nutritious, but they are also a premium gourmet experience for our dogs. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids, texture, flavors, and colors are all-natural and solely derived from the high-quality raw materials used.


Bringing transparency into the Pet Food Industry    


Human nutritional trends are increasingly influencing pet nutritional trends, as a result of dog owners’ raised awareness of the quality and naturalness of their food. They now demand the same quality and standards for their pets.


Pet owners increasingly want their pets to receive the correct nutrition, education, and healthcare. Owners are opting for pet food and treats that support the long-term health and happiness of their pets, as a means of preventing any illness or future health issues.


It is becoming increasingly accepted that the recipe to a healthy life is a well-balanced diet that provides essential nutrients and micronutrients such as vitamins to meet the metabolic demand of animals.  


Pet owners' expectations about clean labels have evolved from 'safe' and natural ingredients to demanding access to information about sourcing and processing, forcing manufacturers to be more transparent in their labelling.


About the Swiss Vitamin Institute


The SVI, located in Switzerland, is a not for profit foundation that operates as an independent  and internationally recognized laboratory for vitamin analysis in foods, beverages and cosmetic products. It is also a medical laboratory for vitamin status analysis operating under ISO 17025 and recognized by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) and healthcare Swiss insurers. The SVI is active in vitamin research for nutrition and health. It is recognized as a research entity by the European Commission and participates in inter-laboratory vitamin analyses validation with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, USA.


The SVI's seal of approval program is an voluntary quality control program that aims at offering a scientific-based determination of vitamins in products to support quality and health conscious organizations willing to submit their product to an independent and expert laboratory for vitamin testing. 


The certification is globally recognized as a quality label. Its seal of approval can be found in food, vitamin supplements, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, but until today had never been awarded to a brand in the Pet Food Category.




LOONAWELL is a Swiss startup company in the Pet Food category, founded in 2020, in Zürich.


LOONAWELL is a pioneer brand, an innovative startup company that wants to lead within the premium Pet Food space.


LOONAWELL launched its first four dog treat products in December 2020. All four products are EU-Bio certified and now also certified by the SVI.


LOONAWELL’s Founder is Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares an expert in Biomedical Sciences and Food Business strategy. Her dog Luna, and the frustration around not finding the proper nutrition for her drove Maria to solve a problem to which she saw no solution. Maria started the LOONAWELL project with an extensive scientific review, “I wanted to know, for sure, which ingredients contributed to our dog’s health and which were harmful or just filling in the space, but with no nutritional value”. After that it was a matter of developing the brand and establishing the business, always backed by the science.


LOONAWELL GmbH closed its first round of financing early in 2021, and is on a promising path for growth. Sign up and stay tuned for more information.

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