LOONAWELL Turns Sensorial Evaluation into a Delightful Moment

LOONAWELL Turns Sensorial Evaluation into a Delightful Moment

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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If you’re a dog owner, you probably spend time wondering what goes on in your dog’s mind, especially when you see them munching away at the food and the dog treats you give them. 


Does it taste good? Do they like it? How can I know if they’re enjoying it or not? How is dog food and treats even made?

Being pet food insiders and experts, we can answer some of these questions.

What is a sensorial evaluation and why is it so important?


It may surprise you to know that all foods undergo a similar evaluation process when they’re being manufactured and brought to market, whether they’re for humans or for pets.


An all-important step in the process is what’s called a “sensorial evaluation”, which classifies the various attributes of the food, such as its appearance, aroma, texture, and flavor. This gives manufacturers scientific, quantifiable data about the appeal of the product and empowers them to make informed decisions about which parameters to change in order to improve the product.


The sensorial testing stage is also important for quality control since it allows manufacturers to ensure that the final product adheres to the same standards and delivers the same sensorial experience, batch after batch.

Often, these improvements and standards are geared toward what’s pleasing to the pet owner, since they’re the ones buying the dog food. If they get a whiff of something they don’t like when they open the bag, they’re less likely to buy that same product again.


While dogs are, of course, involved in the taste-testing of dog food and dog treats, they do not give detailed feedback about these specific attributes. That’s why humans are also active and necessary participants in sensorial evaluations for pet foods.



Why most pet food brands won’t let you behind the scenes of their sensorial testing


We’re kind of letting the cat out of the bag by telling you all of this information about sensorial testing. The truth is, most manufacturers don’t like to talk too much about their sensorial evaluations, and that information is usually secret or classified as “proprietary information.” There are several reasons for this, and maybe the most important one is that talking about a product’s sensorial attributes requires full disclosure of the ingredients used in the recipe.


As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, the ingredients used in many commercial pet food brands are of such extremely poor quality that they’re not considered fit for human consumption. The only way these ingredients can become even somewhat palatable is through the addition of artificial flavors and colors that mask their unpleasant smell.


When highly commercial pet food brands perform sensory evaluations, it typically goes something like this: sensory professionals put the product in their mouth, try to describe a series of sensory attributes, and then spit it out. They do this not just because of the awful taste (although that certainly plays a role, too) but because the usual commercial pet food is unfit for human consumption. No wonder most brands keep quiet about all of this.

The joy and delight of a sensorial evaluation at LOONAWELL


You might have noticed that at LOONAWELL, we do things a little differently. OK, a lot differently. And our sensory evaluations are no exception.


When we quality check and taste test our products, there is absolutely no “spitting out” involved. In fact, we look forward to these evaluation sessions! They are delightful moments of indulgence where we get to experience the amazing results of our collective efforts to create something truly special for dogs. The aroma, the flavor, the texture, and the crunch, all in a delicate and exquisite balance to delight our dog’s senses… and we are delighted, too! We’re not embarrassed to say that we simply love eating our product.


What’s more, we know exactly when and how the treats were made because it all happens under one roof in Zurich. From the organic raw materials to the final product, we never lose sight of the production and there are no intermediaries involved.

The flavor profiles we’re proud to serve to our dogs


So just what do the treats taste like?


We’re proud of our high-quality, organic, and human-grade raw materials. We deliberately designed our ingredient list to be as simple as possible and contain only the kinds of ingredients that consumers can recognize and relate to (in other words, foods they’d eat themselves!).


You won’t find even a hint or a trace of artificial colors, preservatives, humectants or flavors in our healthy natural dog treats. Their subtle and elegant smell is 100% derived from the high-quality ingredients that go into them.


As a primer on what you can expect from LOONAWELL’s oven-baked dog biscuits, here are the flavor and aroma profiles for each of the four offerings in our product line:


Happy Tummy: These dog biscuits have a sweet-and-sour earthy flavor, with green, peppery, minty notes and a lingering cooling effect. Very refreshing and crunchy.


Multi-Vitamin: These vitamin-packed organic dog treats also have a sweet-and-sour aroma, rounded out with savory pine, parsley, and oregano flavor notes.


Super Foodies: Our Super Foodies are hard to resist, with their sweet cinnamon aroma, nutty flavor, and zesty citrus lift. Plus, they have a texture that’s pleasantly dense and chewy.


Healthy Glow: Quinoa gives these organic dog treats their characteristic crunch. They have a creamy, nutty, and green flavor that is gourmet and irresistible.


The next time you open a LOONAWELL sachet, try having your own mini sensorial evaluation! Take a deep breath and see if you can identify the different aromas in our oven-baked dog treats, that are made with only the best ingredients and a generous dose of love.

Shop our selection of healthy natural dog treats that both and your dog will love.


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LOONAWELL makes organic, dog treats for all breeds and ages. For puppies, adult, and senior dogs, our organic, we make natural dog treats with high-quality, human-grade ingredients and pack them in small portions for the ultimate in freshness and portability. They’re great to carry “on the go” for a training session with your dog, a walk, a ride in the car... anywhere you go.


They’re made with love in Switzerland and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We believe dogs deserve the best—treat yours to a nutritious and delicious superfood snack!

Multi Vitamin Bio Baked Dog Treats

Multi Vitamin Bio Baked Dog Treats

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Super Foodies Bio Baked Dog Treats

Super Foodies Bio Baked Dog Treats

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Healthy Glow Bio Baked Dog Treats

Healthy Glow Bio Baked Dog Treats

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Happy Tummy Bio Baked Dog Treats

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