CERVO and LOONAWELL Partner, For Dog Health & Wellbeing

CERVO and LOONAWELL Partner, For Dog Health & Wellbeing

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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When we book a 5-star hotel, we want to know that we are fully taken care of, and surrounded by all the little extra details that make our stay so luxurious. What about our dogs? When we travel with our animal companions, we expect nothing less than the same comfort for our furry friends too.


Hotels that fail to provide this can leave travelers feeling disappointed. Most locations that are “dog-friendly” don’t offer the same high level of care we expect our dogs to receive. A water bowl and some generic dog biscuits won’t cut it.


Unless, of course, you stay in a conscientious resort like CERVO...


CERVO is a brand that understands animals and welcomes pets in style rather than just putting up with them coming to visit. This superb attitude to pets, as well as the CERVO commitment to nature, the beautiful surroundings, sustainability, and local brands, makes it the ideal partnership for LOONAWELL.


CERVO’s location in Zermatt, Switzerland, serves as the perfect gateway to the Alps. Breathtaking views and a stunning backdrop are met with the ultimate in natural luxury and hospitality within the lodges and apartments CERVO offers guests. In the words of the brand itself: “CERVO invites its guests to explore the impressive nature around us and to discover themselves.”


The perfect companion for that discovery? Your canine accomplice.


CERVO’s connection to nature as well as luxury, and the brand’s sustainability efforts have been lauded and rewarded over the years. The shared values with LOONAWELL made our partnership an obvious choice and the right thing for both brands and the people (and pups) we serve.


Social responsibility, sustainability, and high quality are three principles that both CERVO and LOONAWELL pride themselves on. Both of these premium brands from Switzerland also value local partnerships and the community, and our collaboration is rooted in these shared values.


LOONAWELL is a Zurich-based start-up company on a mission to reinvent dog food.


The brand was launched in Dec 2020, when its first four products hit the market. Unlike 99% of Pet food brands, LOONAWELL uses fresh, organic, and human-grade ingredients, coupled with manufacturing methods designed to preserve the rich nutritional value of its raw materials. It’s the opposite of what you currently find in the pet food industry.


“At the core of our brand is the idea that every ingredient used needs to have a positive impact on a dog’s health. Otherwise, it is not included. No fillers, artificial ingredients, or poor-quality raw materials go into our dog treats and biscuits. This simple and common sense approach alone sets us apart from other brands” – Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares, owner and founder of LOONAWELL.


In mid-2021, LOONAWELL became the first Pet food Brand to be certified with the Swiss Vitamin Institute label. Simply put, there is no other Pet Food brand in the world to offer the same attributes and qualities.


The brand is led by science rather than cost, and driven by technology. But the story does not end there...


LOONAWELL’s organic and human-grade quality dog treats have been designed in collaboration with professional chefs to elevate the food experience for the dog. It is a healthy, nutritious but also exquisite experience for our dogs.


Another key issue LOONAWELL has been firm about since its launch is the abolition of plastic bags. These are widely used in the Pet Food industry, and there is no real excuse. We’re opting for a higher quality and more sustainable packaging system, values that align with our partners.


When Daniel Lauber, owner of CERVO, and Maria de Bettencourt first met in 2021 to discuss the potential collaboration, the decision was simple. and the partnership was put into practice soon after.


At CERVO, there’s a thought process behind every aspect, every product, every detail, and of course, every partnership. Take the commitment to social responsibility as an example. In the words of the luxury hotel, “sustainability not only involves the conscious handling of nature but also the thoughtful interactions with each other (…). ”


Our partnership shows the commitment both CERVO and LOONAWELL have to our beloved four-legged friends, who can roam the alps by their owner’s side, safe in the knowledge of nutritious and responsible fuel in their bodies.

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