Ever wonder how dog treats are made?

Ever wonder how dog treats are made?

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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Take a Peek Behind the Scenes at LOONAWELL and learn how we make our healthy organic dog treats, from ingredients to baking to the final product!

How Commercial Dog Food is Made?

Are you familiar with the word extrusion? It’s a common process that highly commercial pet foods use to sterilize and shape dog treats.


You read that right: sterilize. This is a required step in the manufacturing process because the raw materials, such as remains of human food no longer apt for consumption, are typically of extremely low quality and oftentimes contaminated with Salmonella or other poisonous bacteria.

The ingredients get exposed to a high level of heat for an extended period to disinfect and become “safe” for pet consumption. But that intense heat doesn’t just kill the bad bacteria. It also destroys any vitamins minerals and amino acids.


The result is pet food with quality and flavor that is, to put it mildly, not the best. Those lost vitamins and nutrients have to be added back into the treats as synthetic additives. A dose of synthetic flavoring is also thrown in to mask the putrid smell of such raw materials and make the treats seem tasty and tempting. 

LOONAWELL healthy organic dog treats are baked, not extruded


When we set out to make our LOONAWELL healthy organic dog treats, we knew extrusion was a process we would never use. One of the earliest standards we established for our healthy natural dog treats is that if we don’t eat it ourselves, then we won’t feed it to our dogs.


This belief is engraved in our brand tagline: “Healthier Dogs, Happy Lives.” We apply this to everything we do, from picking our organic and gourmet ingredients to collaborating with chefs on the recipes for our tasty and crunchy dog treats that are suitable for all breeds and ages. We put dogs first, and cost comes much lower on our list of priorities.


So, the way forward was clear: organic and human-grade ingredients only. And minimal processing. No exceptions.


How We Prepare Our Organic Dog Treats

Here’s the difference in how we prepare our treats for dogs versus the usual commercial pet food brands.

How dog treats are made


Baking our treats versus extruding them means that the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from high-quality organic raw materials can still be found in the final baked product. Therefore there is no need to add any synthetic ingredients or extra flavors or colors.

The analysis and certification of the vitamin content in our products is carried out by the Swiss Vitamin Institute (SVI) and LOONAWELL has recently been recognized as the first Pet Food brand in the world to be awarded the SVI label.

Why Do We Insist on High-Quality Nutrition for Our Dogs?


In addition to our love and respect for dogs, there’s another reason why good nutrition is our top priority. It’s because good nutrition saves lives.


The heartbreaking truth is that pets have the highest incidence of cancer, and the number one cause of that cancer is poor nutrition.


The Veterinary Cancer Society estimates that about 25% of pets will develop cancer. That number increases to 50% after the age of 10. This is caused by several issues related to traditional pet food:

●      The unknown origin of ingredients,

●      Poor quality raw materials,

●      High levels of chemical ingredients and additives.


Our pets are our beloved companions and we want them to live long, happy, and healthy lives. No pet owner should have to wonder if the dog food and treats are harming their health.


That’s why we’re committed to transparency and providing healthy and nutritious choices for dogs. We want pet owners to feel confident and to have peace of mind, knowing that when they feed their dog LOONAWELL dog treats, they are a safe and healthy choice.


Now that you know a little more about how our healthy natural dog treats are made, give it a try if you haven’t so far to see just how different and special they are!

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LOONAWELL makes organic dog treats for all breeds and ages. For puppies, adult, and senior dogs, our organic, natural dog treats are made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients and packed in small portions for the ultimate in freshness and portability. Great to carry “on the go” for a training session with your dog, a walk, a ride in the car...anywhere you go.


They’re made with love in Switzerland and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We believe dogs deserve the best—treat yours to a nutritious and delicious superfood snack!


Super Foodies Organic Baked Dog Treats

Super Foodies Organic Baked Dog Treats

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