Presenting: The LOONAWELL Team

Presenting: The LOONAWELL Team

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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At LOONAWELL, we always say that transparency is a really big deal to us. We want you to know everything there is to know! This is why we work hard on The Healthy Dog Blog, so you can learn about different healthy ingredients; their benefits as well as dosage, our products, processes and other important news that we love to share with you. 


Get a peek inside! 

This is why today we decided to share a bit more about the “behind the scenes” of LOONAWELL. 

As you might already know, Maria de Bettencourt Tavares is the captain of the ship. She is the sole-founder and CEO of LOONAWELL. You can read more about her on the Our Founder section on our website.  But  throughout her journey, she has also been a magnet of talent and good energy. Today LOONAWELL’s DNA is made up of different professionals that altogether make the magic happen. 


The LOONAWELL team is slowly and steadily growing, and we are very proud of that! 


Today we want to share some of those faces with you, and let them introduce themselves, so you can get to know us even a little bit more. 

LOONAWELL Editor - Denisse CoquetNice to meet you! My name is Denisse Coquet, I’m the one writing this article and I’m responsible for editing almost all articles on LOONAWELL. What brought LOONAWELL to my life was my pup Alba. I was lucky enough to come across this amazing brand while searching for a healthy, clean product for Alba. I wanted to make sure I could give her treats with a clean conscience that they would be of good quality and actually be nutritious (which is not something easy to find). This is where my relationship, not only with LOONAWELL, but also with Maria, took off. I started collaborating with this amazing brand writing content, articles and copy in general. I could not be more proud to be a part of this trustworthy brand and help spread the message to so many other dog owners who share our concern for healthy, nutritious feeding. I’m in awe of everything Maria has accomplished with LOONAWELL so far and I can’t wait to see where this amazing company takes us. 


LOONAWELL Culinary Advisor - Joao FerraoHi! I’m Chef Joao Ferrão and I am currently a Culinary Advisor. I'm proud and feel fortunate to be able to bring added value to several customers to develop their own products and share all my technical knowledge and passion for innovation and gastronomy.

The first time I crossed paths with Maria and LOONAWELL, I thought it would be just another project. But no... it became a totally different and exciting challenge: hard research and experimental work, to guarantee consistency and organoleptic characteristics, always respecting the brand's mission. Obtaining a 100% certified organic premium product, using 100% human-grade ingredients, tailored to a dog’s nutritional  needs... and with a lot of taste!

After more than 2 years, at the end of each development and recipe, I still feel joy and happiness for the product that Maria and LOONAWELL achieved.

A serious and responsible brand with a huge potential for future growth, that does not give up on its mission, no matter how difficult the road ahead.

I feel absolutely proud everyday for participating in this project. Always aiming to present the best product for a better quality of life for our end customer... 🐕 🐩 🦮 🐕‍🦺 🐶

LOONAWELL Graphic Designer - Alfonso PanduroHi! My name is Alfonso Panduro

I’ve had my dog Luna for 12 years and I’ve always been concerned about the quality of the food I can give her. I can’t find dog products in the market with enough quality and trust, and that is where LOONAWELL came in. 

I’m lucky enough to personally know LOONAWELL’s founder and CEO, Maria de Bettencourt Tavares, and not only does she share my concern for dog’s health, but she also has the knowledge and training to develop LOONAWELL’s wonderful products. I can say that if I ever need someone to care for my pup Luna, I would leave her to María’s care without a doubt, and that is the trust I also share with her about Luna’s feeding and nutrition. I am also greatly fortunate to be a part of the LOONAWELL team as a graphic designer. There is nothing more satisfactory than working on something you believe in and feel that with your work you’re contributing to a healthier life for yours and other doggies in the world.  

LOONAWELL Packaging Design - Simon BakerHello everyone, I’m Simon Baker! Like all the best brands, LOONAWELL does exactly what it says on the tin. For me, LOONAWELL has always been about family – like my four-week-old daughter's contributions to our early packaging design strategy calls, or the knowledge that we're producing the very best for family members with four legs. It's 100% true when we say, 'Made with love', and that reflects every stage of the process from baking to design to customer support. Being part of the LOONAWELL team means being part of a brand committed to making a lasting difference in the world and refusing to compromise on quality – which is surely the best place to be.

LOONAWELL sole-founder and CEO - Maria de Bettencourt TavaresHi 😀 I’m Maria de Bettencourt Tavares.  I always get goosebumps when I read this article. Working remotely is part of nowadays work-life balance and I love having and providing that freedom to my partners and collaborators. I have no doubt that we get the best of each professional when they can live in the environment they love the most. I can also certainly feel that the different cultural backgrounds of everyone in the team brings great richness to the final product. Sometimes I wish I could hire everyone full time and some other times I think that if each professional gets to be exposed to different customers and challenges, they’re better prepared, more equipped and more creative when it comes to LOONAWELL. 


At the moment, as we are still in start-up mode, we work 100% remotely and the LOONAWELL team members you see here, have never come together. Not even once. I can’t wait to make it happen, once at least (!), but so far and in the early stages I’ve been very cautious with spending. Denisse and Alfonso are based in Spain, although in different cities, Simon in the UK, Joao in Portugal and I’m in Switzerland. Hard to imagine, especially when the work you see projected in everything we do, always carries so much love, genuine interest, consideration and so much care. 


This is only possible when the glue that keeps us together is that passion, resilience and true belief that our lives are better when the time we invest in work is on those activities that also resonate with our personal values. I believe that this is the one common characteristic between us all here, and this is the strongest glue I know. So, no matter how far apart we are, our baby company will continue to move forward!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your amazing work and collaboration, that I know our beloved customers (doggies and their owners) appreciate too. Cheers to you all of you, to those that are here in this article and those who are not here but have also participated on our journey in a way or another,  to what we’ve built so far and to what’s still to come 🚀🥂🐾!

Every time our customers support our small business, these are the faces that will be smiling all day long (and truth be said some of us do a little happy dance too!).


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