LOONAWELL's impact on gender equality

LOONAWELL's impact on gender equality

Denisse Coquet Denisse Coquet
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LOONAWELL Dog treats

Premium? Yes, but with a conscience. 


Today we want to share something a little bit different from what we usually share with you, but not less important to us at all. When we think of LOONAWELL and its impact on others, we not only think of our loving pups, but also their owners and the environment they live in. 

As a newly formed company we embrace the responsibility of leaving a footprint behind that contributes to a more inclusive, transparent and healthier world.

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 


We were recently asked how LOONAWELL is making a positive impact in regards to the UN global goals. Just to give you a little context; “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.” 


Companies have a huge responsibility in bringing these goals to life. So do consumers, as they hold the purchasing power over the products that companies produce. Collectively and as human beings, our shared actions will ultimately define the world we, and the next generations will live in. 


A lot of disruptive, innovative and emerging brands were born from the frustration of a corrupt and broken planet. They want to create better, cleaner, safer, more sustainable products and lives. LOONAWELL is right here, fighting this fight.

So, how are we, this tiny but mighty start-up called LOONAWELL, doing in this respect? 


My name is Denisse Coquet, I’m the Editor for LOONAWELL and today I want to share with you some information on how we’re contributing towards helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality, a goal that is extremely important for me, as an individual and young female professional trying to build my career.  


As highlighted by the Harvard Business Review, “It’s proven that empowering women and girls helps economic growth and development”. 


Maria de Bettencourt Tavares, is our sole founder and as a female in her mid forties, she describes how she has experienced gender inequality and what has triggered her passion for this topic.


Maria explains “While growing up, my parents were both highly educated and worked 100%. My brother, my sister and I were equally pushed to study and pursue our dreams. I look back and I now understand that I grew up in an environment where gender was of no advantage per se, and my siblings and I were peers, in a world of opportunity. 


At 45 years old, I’ve worked in academic, not-for-profit, corporate and now startup environments and in my personal experience, gender inequality is common to all environments but highly accentuated in those where the financial return is higher.”


As an editor and young professional, I (Denisse) also took a step back to reflect on the topic at hands and what it means to me: So far, I have never felt at a disadvantage in my professional career because of my gender and I belong to a generation which I personally believe has already been witness to advances in the field of inequality. Nevertheless, I am not numb towards the countless articles, numbers and statistics that show me there is still a long road ahead and that my personal case does not represent the majority. It is in face of this injustice that I strongly feel I also want to support and advocate for a sustained improvement. 


While writing the following paragraphs we had a few choices; either we explore the paths of “the feeling of not belonging” “conscious bias” “the role of cultural backgrounds on gender equality” and so on, or we focus on a more uplifting tone of voice where we tell you about our working environment and LOONAWELL's impact on gender equality. We’ve decided on the latter. 


Maria states that Creating a company from scratch gives you an opportunity to change course. In the topic of gender equality there are two fundamental aspects that I want to build, at this early stage we’re in, and see flourish in my company: 1) An international and gender diverse leadership where appointments are based on strong skills and accountability for performance and 2) bring on board an equally diverse group of investors and in the future Board of Directors, that recognize and are genuinely interested in the potential of our venture and unafraid to support women-led businesses. 


At LOOONAWELL, our current investors and our team members are of a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, gender and ages but they all have at least one value in common: they bring valuable content, which is key to making us grow. Gender is not an asset per se in our environment and I will personally strive to keep it that way.” 

What’s the situation at LOONAWELL today like?


Currently, in the LOONAWELL core team, we are 6 in total and composed of full time and part-timers, we have a 50/50 gender split with also and at least 5 different nationalities represented. Our group of private and angel investors, 12 in total, is widely international with at least 8 different nationalities represented and 33% are female investors. People are THE core value of a startup and we firmly believe that a diverse group like we have today, makes for a more inclusive environment. 

What does gender equality mean to us? 


LOONAWELL's impact on gender equality is not just about numbers and percentages, it's so much more than that. It’s creating an environment where the key value is the content brought in and not the gender. An environment where everyone contributes to growth, with diverse leadership skill sets and talents, where one can enter a meeting where valuable information will be shared, and important decisions will be made, with the confidence to speak their minds with deserving conviction. THAT is what gender equality means to us, and THAT is the environment we will strive to always have at LOONAWELL. 


Maria remarks that ¨I am now in a position to make a difference, side by side with other companies that fight to stop “green-washing”, and instead take conscious actions to ensure our profit comes alongside our positive impact.”

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