LOONAWELL's Festive Tradition

LOONAWELL's Festive Tradition

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Celebrating Growth and Gratitude

The holiday season is upon us, and it has become our festive tradition at LOONAWELL to invite an artist to produce a limited-edition postcard that we can send to you all, our beloved customers, as a token of our gratitude and appreciation. 

In 2021 and 2022, we collaborated with the talented artist Yelena Wysling to create visually stunning and heartfelt postcards. This year, we've taken a different artistic approach to our festive tradition by entrusting our very own designer, Rita Strigaleva, the creative mind behind LOONA's charming character and numerous other designs at LOONAWELL.

 Rita Strigaleva - Senior Graphic Designer at LOONAWELL 

Rita, distinguished by her architectural background, attained a post-grad diploma in graphic design and has devoted the predominant part of her professional journey to honing her skills as a graphic designer. Rita brings together a unique blend of visual communication expertise, creativity, and spatial awareness.


The Creative Process

Spanning months, the creative process between Maria, the founder of LOONAWELL, and Rita involved exhaustive brainstorming and fine-tuning dedicated to achieving the most refined and optimal versions of the envisioned drawings. This year’s efforts resulted in the creation of two distinct designs, each meticulously represented through a series of 40 intricately crafted postcards.

After the completion of the digital creation and printing of the postcards, Rita meticulously hand-painted exquisite golden details using acrylic paint on each and every postcard. The personalized touch of adding a unique final embellishment to her creation blended together a deep appreciation for distinctiveness as each postcard is also individually numbered.

Rita hand-painting LOONAWELL's festive tradition postcards

Our special treat! 

We’re sharing the holiday magic with this unique postcard, a complimentary delight that will accompany every order from our online store (until the end of 2023 and until stock lasts) featuring a personal dedicated message from our esteemed CEO, Maria.

The joy of the holiday season lies in the shared moments and the love we extend to our furry friends as well as you, their owners. We trust that this thoughtfully curated gift will add an extra layer of warmth to your Holiday Season. 

The LOONAWELL Team wholeheartedly wishes you a woofly, healthy, and happy Holiday Season.

Christmas season note: please keep in mind that the Holiday Season is a challenge for postal services. Place your order as soon as possible to guarantee a fast delivery.

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