Key benefits of lentils for your dog

Key benefits of lentils for your dog

Dr. med. vet. Neus Torrent Dr. med. vet. Neus Torrent
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While some legumes have lost popularity, the lentil has risen and is increasingly being used across menus around the world. This high-protein, high-fiber little grain legume also turns out to be highly nutritious and low in calories.

Considering the benefits they can bring to our diets, can we also assume that they are good for our pup? The answer is Yes, but…


Thanks to…


Dietary fiber

Improve digestive health

Support regular bowel movements and the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Prevent obesity 

Help your pup feel fuller for longer. Very useful for dogs trying to lose weight!

Reduce diabetes

Stabilize blood sugar improving long-term glycemic control.


Improve heart health

Reduce the risk of hypertension and coronary artery diseases, as well as lower cholesterol.

Prevent cancer

Supply antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds with anti-cancer effects.


LOONAWELL Beef Delight Treats. We explain the benefits of lentils for your dog


But these little special legumes also have a downside: the so-called antinutrients.


Antinutrients: The bad side of the story

Unfortunately, lentils also have antinutrient compounds, such as trypsin inhibitors and phytate. These antinutrient compounds can impair digestion and the absorption of other nutrients in the diet.


How to prepare lentils for my dog:

No worries, there’s a way around it and with the correct preparation method, you can get rid of these antinutrients and keep only what’s good to make sure you only get the benefits of lentils for your dog.

Lentils are very easy to cook and with only three steps you can prepare a super healthy food for your dog! You must only: 

1. Rinse the lentils, to remove dust, contaminants, and any other impurities until the water comes out clear. 

2. Soaking them can reduce the antinutrient content, but not all lentils require soaking, so for this step, we recommend you follow the instructions on the lentil’s package. 

3. Most importantly, cook them by boiling to remove the antinutrients and make them more digestible for your dog. The cooking time depends on the type of lentil so once again we recommend following the instructions on the lentil’s package. 

Serve them plain, without any salts, sugars, and other seasonings added that could compromise your dog’s health.


We recommend you use organic dried orange lentils, which have a somewhat sweet and nutty flavor that your pup will love. 

Now, remember that the key lies in moderation: when introducing new foods to your dog for the first time, start slowly and monitor their behavior afterward for any adverse reactions.


What about lentil dosage?

As a guide: A tablespoon of cooked lentils 1–2 times a week is sufficient to provide dogs with many nutrients and it is perfectly safe for them.

And if cooking is not your thing, don’t worry! Your furry friend can still enjoy his/her daily portion of orange lentils in the most convenient way for you with our Beef Delight Bio Baked Dog Treats!

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