5 key benefits of blueberries for dogs

5 key benefits of blueberries for dogs

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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Today, we’ll address three important aspects for us, dog owners, to keep in mind when it comes to blueberries for dogs:

1) what are the key benefits of blueberries for dogs,

2) how many can we give our dogs, and

3) a special hazard to always keep in mind. 


5 key benefits of blueberries for dogs: 

1. They are low in calories. 1 blueberry weighs on average 2g and has around 1 calorie.

2. They also contain plenty of Vitamin C and K1. Learn more about the impact of these vitamins here.

3. Blueberries are rich in Manganese, which has a number of benefits for dogs including boosting bones and cartilage health. 

4. They are a source of phytochemicals. These are chemical substances produced by plants that are involved in the prevention of a variety of diseases both in humans and animals, including cancer.

5. Blueberries contain antioxidants that help prevent cell and molecular damage in both dogs and humans.


As we mentioned in a previous article, blueberries are a great option for our pups to eat a healthy snack thanks to their exceptional nutrient density and many health benefits. And now that warm summer days are already in sight, who doesn’t love fresh fruit as a snack? Even our pups can find them refreshing and delicious, and get to enjoy their benefits as well! 


So, overall,  blueberries are safe, natural dog treats. Now the question many of us ask ourselves is: 

How many blueberries can I give my dog? 


As in all treats and snacks, we should provide these in moderation and always observe if your dog tolerates them well. So to make your lives a bit easier, we created this useful chart for you to be able to share this nutritious treat with your pup completely worry-free! 

Benefits of blueberries for dogs and quantities

Blueberries should be considered as a treat (not a whole meal) and as treats, they should not constitute more than 10% of a dog’s daily caloric intake. Now remember that if you give the maximum amount of berries, then you should cut back on all other treats so you don’t surpass the 10% mentioned above. 

Anything else I should know about blueberries for my dog?


Yes! As you might know, small round objects such as blueberries may represent a choking hazard (especially for small dogs) and therefore we suggest cutting them in half.


Not a fan of carrying fresh fruit around for your pup? We’ve got you covered! Our Superfoodies organic treats contain blueberries and they come packed in small sachets to preserve freshness and for its convenience to carry around on a walk, in a pocket or purse, while on holiday, or just at home: check out our ambassador Zeus eating his yummy treats while on Holiday:

For a more extensive read on blueberries, their benefits, and other interesting facts about them, read our previous article here.

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