For your pup, a personalised and limited edition!

For your pup, a personalised and limited edition!

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares
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For your pup... get ready to feel the love:

What a year! As we took our first steps out of covid, we emerged in the war in Ukraine that has brought darkness to all our hearts and a turmoil to the lives of those affected. Not to talk about its impact in the global economy. If we thought this past year was going to be “back to normal” little did we know that there is no going back, and that “normal” is now a “new normal” in so many facets of our lives. 


But despite all of these changes and new adjustments we have to adapt to, when the holiday season arrives, we seem to yearn for that which makes us feel safe, loved and fulfilled. For some of us that will take the shape of something as simple as a warm cuddle with our pets. 


For this holiday season at LOONAWELL we also have prepared a little something special, tailored for you and your dog.

Last year, together with the artist Yelena Wysling, we created a limited edition of single-numbered holiday cards that we sent to our doggy customers and their pawrents. Your feedback was incredible, so we decided to repeat the experience. Want to guess which artist we have picked for this year’s limited edition of LOONAWELL’s holiday cards? The one and only, Yelena Wysling!


What seems like a simple product, has months of work put into it. From ideation to the final result, the process of creating a limited edition of holiday cards was a collaborative one between LOONAWELL and Yelena and we all absolutely loved it: 


“Creating a limited edition of Holidays postcards for LOONAWELL was like a pre Christmas gift for me. This is the second year I collaborated with LOONAWELL and it felt heartwarming to do so. I enjoyed every second of it; developing ideas and working with Maria is a space of growth, of trying new things and the result is the expression of such collaboration.”

Wondering how the magic is made?


Yelena was born in a small Swiss village, and was passionate about drawing as a child, before she went on to focus on education with studies in cultural anthropology, geography and politics. In adulthood, having received a gift of pens, a sketchbook, and watercolors from her husband, Yelena returned to her burning passion of art and expression.


Yelena’s line and wash paintings are stunning, with an adorable focus on enchanting and interesting characters… but one quickly realises that Yelena’s drawings have a depth of meaning behind them, one that touched our hearts from the very beginning. 


For this Holiday Season, your online orders will not only bring those happy and crunchy moments for your dog but will also contain our limited edition, single numbered holiday card (while stock lasts). But that’s not all! Our CEO, Dr. Maria confesses that one of her favourite activities of the year is to personally write a message in each and every card we send out. 

So don’t forget to get your pup some healthy treats for the Holiday and get ready to feel the love!


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