LOONAWELL in one sentence? The Swiss-Made revolution of the Pet Food category.



What is the first question your Vet asks you when you want to treat your pup for diarrhea or allergies? It usually goes something like: “What are you feeding your dog?” That's right. Nutrition is at the core of a healthy life and that holds true both for our dogs and also for us, their owners. So how are we, at LOONAWELL, ensuring that our products are healthy, nutritious and trustworthy? We maintain 3 guidelines:

1. Exceptional quality of our ingredients. 

We personally handpick the ingredients we buy to always ensure maximum quality. Over 50% of our ingredients are of Swiss organic origin. To obtain the ingredients that are not grown in Switzerland, or that are grown in Switzerland only for a few months throughout  the year, we source elsewhere, and always organic. Organic ingredients have a high nutritional content and are free from synthetic pesticides, so they are perfect for our brand.




All our ingredients are of human-grade quality, meaning that these carrots, broccoli and so on, are the same you and I buy at the supermarket for our own personal use. 

In fact, you can try and taste a LOONAWELL treat as well. There is only one caveat ... you might love them too!

2. All done under one roof for full traceability and maximum quality. 


Large Pet Food brands prioritize profit over quality. What does this mean? It basically means that every step of the value chain of a product needs to take place in a country that offers to carry out that same step at a cheaper price. For example: 




Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making a profit. In fact any company needs that to survive and prosper. However, and specifically in the case of food or feed, it is well known that having a manufacturing process segmented throughout different locations, significantly:

. increases the risks of contamination

. decreases the quality of the final product, 

. decreases the chances of an effective traceability system.  


At LOONAWELL, quality comes first, and this is an aspect where we don’t compromise. So how do we organize our manufacturing process? Everything is done under one roof. It is because of this that we can ensure maximum quality in every step of the product assembly, from the careful selection of the raw materials, to packaging  and shipping to the final customer or retail partner. 





3. What you see is what you get. Transparent , complete labels and no silly marketing claims. 




At LOOONAWELL, product development starts with a deep scientific revision of the literature to understand which ingredients are truly beneficial for our dogs and which ones are not. Even for those ingredients that we know are good, we wanted to understand in more detail if there are particular varieties that are better than others. Peppermint is a clear example… Yes, you might be surprised to learn that there are around 600 varieties of peppermint in the world, and each one might have different health properties and flavor profiles.


Our labels are the most exhaustive and transparent we have ever seen on any pet food brand, so you have the full picture at all times. Next time you buy any dog treats, have a look at the label, and see if you can find any vitamins, minerals or amino acids listed. 


There is only one brand that is Swiss Made, Organic, of Human-grade quality and that has received the Swiss Vitamin Institute label. That brand is LOONAWELL.