What We Stand For

  • For those who care and celebrate the fact that true knowledge equals better choice. 
  • For those who want to see their best self, their own values and choices reflected in their nutrition, as well as in that of their pets. 
  • For those who cherish the unconditional love that pets give to us all, and want to give back.
  • For those who want to feel empowered to make the best choice, with trust, confidence and peace of mind.
  • LOONAWELL creates healthy and loving moments for pets and their owners to share. A purposeful, transparent choice behind every ingredient and its origin, every process and product. 
  • With love and to celebrate, amongst us all, an unforgettable and long-lasting journey alongside our pets, our beloved four-legged family members.

  • How do we bring these values to life? 

    More importantly than having a company purpose simply written on your website,  is to listen to how your customers are living your brand and products, and check if that purpose is being carried through.

    At LOONAWELL we believe information is of vital importance. One of the reasons that led our founder to create LOONAWELL was precisely her exasperation, as a dog owner,  at the opacity of most dog food brands. From the undecipherable ingredient lists, to the exaggerated and misleading marketing claims and so on. We want our customers to know exactly what they’re buying and make choices accordingly.

    We strive to keep our community informed about ingredients, processes and products mostly through our blog.




    Here you can find informative articles on everything from one specific ingredient, to updates about the company. We want you to know everything about us and our products. Transparency is very important to us, and we know you value that!


    LOONAWELL what we stand for


    We believe in readable ingredient lists, where our customers understand everything they read, and understand the purpose for each ingredient. At LOONAWELL, long gone are the days of trying to decipher these lists.

    With our products, you will know exactly what your pup is eating.As you probably know by now, our products are not only organic, but also of human-grade quality (That’s right! You can try them too!); so if it’s good and healthy for you, your conscience can rest peacefully knowing it is also good and healthy for your dog. 

    You are also an important part of LOONAWELL! 

    An open communication channel with our customers and their pets is of great importance to us. Our Social Media accounts serve us for this purpose. We love to engage, keep a close relationship within our community and to listen to how our customers are living our brand.


    LOONAWELL what we stand for


    The photos, videos, comments that we receive (and that we love, by the way!), we also use to re-share to our larger audience. It not only validates the quality of our products but also brings our hashtag to life #healthierdogshappylives. 

    We are proud to have created a community who cares about dog nutrition and understands that healthy eating contributes to a healthy body. We all love our furry friends and want them to have the best life possible.


    LOONAWELL what we stand for


    There is nothing we love more than seeing owners and their pups sharing a special bonding moment. Whether it’s a fun outdoor walk, a cuddly snuggle or eating a natural, organic healthy LOONAWELL treat. It’s all part of what makes our lives wonderful, and if we’ve managed to encourage any of this, then that’s good enough for us!


    LOONAWELL what we stand for


    Take it from our loyal customers who can’t get enough of LOONAWELL. They’re proof of who we are and what we do.

    If you’re not already onboard the LOONAWELL train, then what are you waiting for? At LOONAWELL, we strive to have healthier dogs and happy lives and we’d love to have you and your pup joining us!!