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Multi Vitamin Bio Baked Dog Treats

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 2 Weeks

These easily digestible, freshly baked dog treats are made with hand-picked, premium, organic ingredients, perfect for dogs that want to live an active and healthy life.

  • All our dog biscuits are freshly prepared with organic, human-grade quality ingredients.
  • Contain apples, carrots, ginger, olive oil and nutritional yeast, that all together contribute with folic acid (for a healthy brain and nervous system), Choline and vitamin B6 (for a healthy brain), as well as other B-complex vitamins (essential for healthy cell function and energy metabolism) and Vitamin E (acting as an antioxidant and to reduce cell damage).
  • Additionally, they are low in calories and like all other LOONAWELL treats, these also contain the 10 essential amino acids for dogs (required for protein synthesis).
  • Developed in collaboration with our culinary chef for an exquisite taste.
  • A box includes 10 easy-to-carry sachets (and each sachet contains 6 treats) that preserve the freshness of the treats. They will last 2 months unopened.
  • Ideal for a healthy lifestyle as well as for training and any on-the-go activity.
  • Recommended for puppies, adult and senior dogs.
  • These treats are part of our vegetarian and plant based collection, together with the Super Foodies, Happy Tummy and Healthy Glow treats.

For more information, please read our blog article “Carrots are amazing for yor dog's health, learn why!" and "The most powerful benefits of apples for dogs".

Our expertise

At LOONAWELL we combine all our knowledge and expertise in Biomedical Sciences & Food Nutrition, and put it all at the service of our dogs. Using only premium (organic, 100% natural), fresh and human-grade quality ingredients, we create recipes that are not only healthy but also super tasty... so tasty you can even eat them yourself (but please leave some for your pup!).


Bio-buckwheat flour, bio-apples, bio-carrots, bio-olive oil, bio-lemon, bio-apple cider vinegar, bio-ginger, nutritional yeast, bio-oregano, additives: antioxidant (tocopherol rich extract of natural origin).

With LOONAWELL you’re treating your dog to a healthy, nutritious and very tasty moment.

...and the beautiful doggy in the picture is Africa waiting to eat a Multi Vitamin treat from the hand of her mommy! Picture taken by the great dog photographer Emilio Cuenca (instagram profile @elfotografodeperros).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many treats can my dog eat ?

    A single box has 10 sachets and each sachet contains 6 cookies. The amount of cookies you can give to your dog, depends on her or his weight:

    Daily recommended quantity (max.):

    For dogs under 5Kg: a maximum of 2 sachets/day

    For dogs between 5-9 Kg: a maximum of 3 sachets/day

    For dogs between 10-13 Kg: a maximum of 4 sachets/day and

    For dogs with 14 and more Kg: a maximum of 5 sachets/day.

  • Can I combine different types of treats throughout the day ?

    The answer is yes. You can for example give a Multivitamin treat in the morning, a Happy Tummy in the afternoon and a Superfoodies in the evening, or the Healthy Glow. There is no particular sequence advisable. You choose what you believe is best for your dog.

  • Are these products available anywhere in the world ?

    Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world. Nevertheless and for customers that reside in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece please read this before you place your order.

  • How does the subscription work?

    when you subscribe you will have free shipping for the entire duration of your subscription!

    The subscription service is available in the following countries: Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom and United States.

    You can modify your subscription at anytime and in several different ways, so it adapts to your holiday schedules, specific needs and so on.

    Here’s what you can do:

    -You can cancel your subscription at any time and reactivate it later on, if you’d like to. 

    -You can edit the delivery schedule for different delivery frequencies. 

    -You can add a one-time purchase to your ongoing subscription. 

    -You can add, remove and swap products to your ongoing subscription. 

    -You can create a new subscription and merge two different existing subscriptions. 

    Basically, YOU are in control at all times, so you can adapt our services to your changing needs. 

  • Are these treats recommend for puppies too?

    Absolutely yes!

    Always keep in mind that puppies should only be introduced to treats after they're 3 months old.

    In their first six months, puppies do a lot of growing. They build bones, tissues, muscles and internal organs, start growing a vast network of neural connections, make great leaps forward in their brain and cognitive function, and develop an immune system.

    It is important to give them a healthy and balanced diet, and LOONAWELL's organic nutritious treats are a perfect complement.

  • Are these treats recommended for dogs on a Raw/BARF diet?

    Absolutely yes!

    Treats for dogs that are on a raw/barf diet, should be free from any animal fats, preservatives, poor quality raw materials and so on. These same requirements are at the core of our LOONAWELL products.

    LOONAWELL's treats are organic, made only with human-grade fresh ingredients, have no preservatives, or added colors, flavors nor any other unnecessary ingredients. They are baked fresh every week in Zurich and packaged in individual sachets for freshness. 

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